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Språkbanken is a research and development unit at the University of Gothenburg, and a node in cross-disciplinary research collaboration at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology formalized under the name of Centre for Language Technology. Språkbanken was established with government funding already in 1975 as a national center. The main focus of Språkbanken's present-day activities is the development and refinement of language resources and language technology tools, and their application to research in language technology, in linguistics, and in several other disciplines, notably in HSS and medical research.

Språkbanken is strongly committed to the goals of CLARIN, as evidenced by, for instance, how Språkbanken:

  • has been a member of CLARIN since the start of the preparatory phase project in 2008, and has been the main developer of the software platform for CLARIN's common metadata repository
  • has developed a widely used corpus infrastructure (Korp) and a number of lexical resources, which are integrated into a lexicon infrastructure (Karp), in both cases based on
    cutting-edge language technology, widely accepted standards for data and content, and web-service based APIs
  • is involved in several research collaborations with scholars in the humanities and social sciences involving the use of language technology based eScience tools
  • is an active participant in the Swedish mirror committee of ISO's TC7 (Terminology and other language and content resources), where standards important to CLARIN are proposed and adopted
  • has developed and maintains Litteraturbanken (the Swedish Literature Bank), a comprehensive digitization initiative of national literature. In connection to this, Språkbanken has been actively involved in an international collaboration on the development of a standardized publishing platform for digital scholarly editions; and
  • was a partner in the recently concluded META-NORD project, an EU-funded collaboration with the aim of making standardized language-resources and tools available for research and industrial development.

Contact: Lars Borin, sb-info (at) svenska.gu.se