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The Computational Linguistics Group at Uppsala University has a broad research profile with a focus on multilingual systems, especially machine translation, and systems for grammatical analysis of text, in particular dependency-based parsing. The group has a strong empirical orientation and has been involved in the development of a number of tools and resources, such as MaltParser (data-driven dependency parser), UPlug (toolbox for parallel corpus alignment), Swedish Treebank (syntactically annotated corpus), and OPUS (multilingual parallel corpus). Work on digitalization of historical documents and linguistic analysis of texts from different time periods allowing historians and language scholars to search and extract information from their corpora is a new and growing research field.

As a type K center, Uppsala University will provide tools and expertise relating to machine translation and alignment, grammatical analysis of contemporary text, and normalization and grammatical analysis of historical text, all for a range of languages including Swedish. Translation, alignment and grammatical analysis of contemporary text is primarily expected to support language research, while the tools and services for historical text are targeted at historians and other scholars needing to process historical text in large quantities, as exemplified by the existing collaboration between computational linguists and historians within the Gender and Work project at Uppsala University. Within Swe-Clarin, the Uppsala center will collaborate most closely with the type B center at Språkbanken, for processing of historical text and resources for Swedish, and with the type K center at Linköping University, for translation and alignment.

Contact: Joakim Nivre, joakim.nivre (at) lingfil.uu.se